In some instances you may need to paint or use a permanent marker in this area if lock down bar does not cover this area.
Designed and Manufactured in Australia.
# If you need to open the pinball door or lift the playfeild remember there are electrical hazards inside the machine. Unplug machine from electrical outlet before carrying out any work. In all the machines i have fitted flipper gaurds, i have removed the lockdown bar once to undo the 3/8" nut to insert flipper gaurd under gaurd rail.

? Is there a problem with the thickness of the flipper guard sitting under the rail.
A : No, the guard is only .6mm thick.

? What coating is on the flipper gaurd.
A : Satin powder coated finish (dulux) Hard wearing finish.

? Why cant they be stuck on.
They can, generally the side of the cabinet is already worn so drilling some holes into it in my opinion makes little difference.
Machines fitted so far : Frankenstien, Lost world, Austin Powers, Elvis, High roller casino, Lost in space, Monopoly, Sopranos, Grand Prix.
If you have any questions or feedback you can contact me at pc@airtune.com.au